What's your Impact?

“We're building a safer world, where everyone can live boldly.”

Yasmine Mustafa, Co-Founder & CEO, ROAR for Good


Expanding the definition of profit. And possibility.

Impact entrepreneurs build enterprises around the idea that sustainable growth and social/environmental benefit don’t need to be exclusive concepts.

Any business can be an impact business. It doesn’t matter what you do or how your make your money, but every business can operate in ways that maximize stakeholder—and not just shareholder—value: your workers, your community, and the environment.

Some businesses start out with triple-bottom-line business practices ingrained in their DNA. Others just need to be shown how these business practices can lead to the new and increased investor support they seek. ImpactPHL wants to work with both types.


Impact Beyond Innovation

"A new sense of purpose…will be at the heart of the next stage of capitalism."
—RoseAnn Rosenthal, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA




Get to know an impact start-up. You’ll be glad you did.

There are countless impact companies in start-up mode in our region. Some of them are NeuroFlow, RoundTrip, LuxTechMilkCrate, and Lia Diagnostics.

They provide impact by design. From offering compelling options for business sustainability and energy utilization to reimagining aid to underserved communities and those in crisis.

Others do impact based on how they deliver their products and services. How Wash Cycle Laundry provides services on environmentally-friendly wheels.

How Quaker City Coffee sources talent and supports vulnerable populations. How United by Blue buoys their bottom line with every pound of waterway cleanup.

And some manage to do both.

ROAR for Good is a certified B-Corp. Its flagship Athena devices promote women’s safety.

Solar States, another regional B-Corp, also operates by the “both is better” mindset with a dual mission of installing solar and educating the next generation about the benefits of going solar.

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Apply for ImpactPHL Ventures. 

A multiplier effect for Greater Philadelphia’s impact ecosystem. Now $15 million more to support the growth of technology-focused early-stage ventures working to solve social, environmental, and health problems in our region. 

ImpactPHL Ventures brings together impact investors with other seasoned investors interested investment performance criteria that includes social outcomes. Apply now »

Lead partners: Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Spring Point Partners, Investors’ Circle, Drexel University, Temple University, Safeguard Scientifics, Independence Health Group, and the Bucks County Retirement Board. Supported with a planning grant from the US Economic Development Administration.

Check out Investors' Circle

Investors’ Circle brings together impact investors and cutting-edge start-up entrepreneurs to scale solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Post screening, IC ensures the widest review of applications through their member network and sector-focused selection committees. Apply now »

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Resources for Start-up Entrepreneurs

  • ImpactPHL Ventures is a $15 million collaborative to grow early stage technology companies, focused on social, environmental, and health-focused impact, in Greater Philadelphia. ImpactPHL Ventures’ unique model unites existing impact investors with other seasoned investors that are now incorporating social outcomes into their investment performance criteria.

  • Investors Circle is the world’s largest and most active early-stage impact investing network and its most active chapter is right here in Philadelphia!

  • Good Company Ventures has developed a rigorous curriculum and proven process for refining their raw passion and insight into scalable enterprises that deliver practical impact.

  • Social Innovations Partners provides passionate social sector leaders with the knowledge, tools, and  support framework to launch, pursue, and achieve their ideas.

  • Fulphil empowers Philadelphia’s university students to solve the city’s most pressing social problems through social entrepreneurship.