What's your impact?

"Using business to serve the common good is the most powerful tool we have for improving the world."

Judy Wicks, Founder, White Dog Cafe


Any business can be an impact business.

It doesn’t matter how you make your money. Every business can operate in ways that have a positive impact.

Smart business leaders everywhere are discovering that instituting business practices that reflect the values of their customers and employees is not just good marketing, but can also increase revenue and improve talent attraction and retention.


Building Equitable Communities Through Patient Impact Capital and Thoughtful Real Estate Development

"By aligning impact capital with community development, we are seeking to be positive, private sector partners for our most underserved communities. As a long-term committed stakeholder, we are finding new ways to rethink how real estate development happens in communities."
— Brian Murray, CEO and Founder of Shift Capital

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Meet impact business leaders who lead by example.

There many ways to create impact with your business. You can build a company to provide sustainable furniture design like Mio. Or you change up your product portfolio, like Campbell’s Soup did by launching of the Soulfull Project to address hunger.

Other business leaders create impact in their hiring practices. Immaculate Cleaning hires and provides additional support for the homeless. Brown’s ShopRite does the same for returning citizens to help reduce recidivism.

And yet for others, impact is all about the way their employees are treated. At Saint-Gobain’s Triple-LEED-certified HQ, you’ll only get healthy lunches. Franklin Square Investments adds personal training.

At Dansko, Graham Insurance, and Home Care Associates things are always good for employees because each is 100% employee-owned. Which means full-time living wages and extraordinary employee benefit packages — all guaranteed.

Grow your impact.


What good are you? Take the ImpactPHL Challenge.

Take the ImpactPHL Challenge to see how your business stacks up on issues like diversity & inclusion, supply chain, employee engagement, corporate governance, environmental considerations, and more.

Find out how your business can benefit from being a part of the impact economy. Get advice from impact economy leaders. Grow your network of peers. The ImpactPHL Challenge encourages business leaders to take the Business Impact Assessment developed by B Lab, a nonprofit that serves the global movement of people using business as a force for good.

It’s a free, confidential way to evaluate how your business aligns with your values. You can participate online at your convenience, or join us at one of our upcoming workshops.

Get recognized: ImpactPHL Award.

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia will recognize the regional organization most actively creating a positive impact on their community, workforce, and the environment. All ImpactPHL members qualify for the ImpactPHL Award. The ImpactPHL Award is presented as a part of the Chamber’s Annual Excellence Awards.

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Resources for Business Leaders

  • The Sustainable Business Network is a community of local businesses committed to building a just, thriving, and sustainable economy in the Greater Philadelphia region.

  • B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. B Lab is building a global community of Certified B Corporations who meet the highest standards of verified, overall social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

  • The Roadmap for Growth is a multi-year initiative of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce to engage Mayor Jim Kenney and City Council in a shared agenda to promote economic growth and job creation in the City of Philadelphia.

  • Net Impact Philadelphia cultivates a network of socially-minded individuals and businesses in the greater Philadelphia Region to create transformational change within our workplace, community, and the world.

  • The ImpactPHL Award is presented by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia to a regional organization actively creating a positive impact on the community, their workforce and the environment.

  • The SustainPHL Awards helps raise sustainability awareness, celebrate our community’s achievements, and share easy ways live a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Wharton Social Impact Initiative is growing the talent pipeline for social impact business leaders through experiential learning, training opportunities, and thought leadership.