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“Let's inspire foundations to match their endowments to their missions.”

Elizabeth Killough, Director, Untours Foundation
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For those seeking a better ROI: return on impact. 

Impact investors are individuals or entities who make investments with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

The business models may be new, but the need for smart capital and even smarter investors behind it remain the same. Impact investors are intentional about how their money generates positive outcomes for our region.

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No better place to make an impact.

"We wanted to create a company that was built upon the ideals of valuing more than profit maximization. In short, we wanted NeedsList to be an impact business."
—Amanda Levinson, NeedsList

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Meet impact business leaders who lead by example.

Worldwide, more than $25 trillion is invested with consideration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors. In the United States, socially responsible investing (SRI) assets have grown 33% to nearly $9 trillion in just the past two years.

Thinking beyond the financial returns of an investment is not new to Philadelphians. Benjamin Franklin was a pioneer. Today, the Philadelphia Chapter of the Investors’ Circle is the oldest and most active in the world’s largest early-stage impact investing network.

Investors interested in the purpose-driven profit model represent a wide range of industries and business types.

Our regional impact investors as a group typify this variety — with superlative distinction.

The Reinvestment Fund invests to build wealth and opportunity for all. Sustain VC invests in early and expansion stage companies that demonstrate social and environmental impact. Blue Hill Capital focuses on emerging technology companies in the energy efficiency sector. 

We welcome more investors to join us. Get insights on identifying high-impact, high-potential companies. Their solutions may very well move the needle on our most intractable problems.

Make a profit while making change.


Make the ImpactPHL Investor Pledge.

I pledge to ask two equally important questions before I make my next investment: How much will I make? AND How much good will this do?

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For those ready to dive deeper in your understanding of impact investing. Moderated by a topic-specialist, each discussion is shaped by those who are at the table.

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Investor Resources

  • Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) provides a platform for investors to take part in the impact investing industry. GIIN Members gain access to industry information, tools, and resources to enhance their capacity to make and manage impact investments and connect with one another.
  • Investors Circle is the world’s largest and most active early-stage impact investing network and its most active chapter is right here in Philadelphia!
  • ImpactAlpha is redefining business media around social and environmental value, just as impact investing is redefining finance. ImpactAlpha is an instrument for the growing number of people who believe our most pressing social and environmental challenges represent the biggest business opportunities of the 21 century.

  • Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) is a network of investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders addressing the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions. SOCAP’s flagship event each fall in San Francisco is the leading gathering for impact investors and social entrepreneurs. SOCAP 365 is an ongoing event series serving the rapidly growing network of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, conscious corporations, philanthropists, government agencies, and innovators in every sector. The SOCAP Blog is another great resource.

  • Mission Investors Exchange is the leading network of foundations engaged in impact investing. Our 200 members comprise a vibrant community committed to tackling the world’s most intractable social and environmental issues, from climate change and global health to education and quality jobs.

  • The SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (formerly SRI in the Rockies) is the premier annual gathering of investors and investment professionals working to make money and direct the flow of investment capital toward a truly sustainable future.

  • The F.B. Heron Foundation Heron’s mission is to help people and communities help themselves out of poverty. The foundation works with a diverse set of investment strategies focused on fostering economic innovations and practices that lead to long-term economic opportunity and prosperity for all.

  • MaRS Centre for Impact Investing A leading force in growing the impact investment market in Canada. It creates innovative ways for investors to fund social enterprises and charities with investments that create both a financial return for them and a dividend for society.