It all started in Philly — B Lab announces 2, 000 B Corps Worldwide

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By B Lab

Our 2016 Year in Review — and #2000BCorps!

Every year since B Lab’s founding has come with new surprises, achievements, and challenges. As always, we look back on 2016 with amazement at what the B Corp community has been able to achieve in the last twelve months — but this year ended with an extra reason to celebrate. As of the end of 2016, the community of Certified B Corporations is over 2,000! Join the party with us on social media with #2000BCorps, and read on to see what else we were up to this year.


Version 5 of our standards

The backbone of B Corp certification is the B Impact Assessment — the set of standards B Lab created to assess a company’s impact on their workers, community, and environment. To make sure our standards are as rigorous and relevant as possible, we release an updated version every two years with the help of our Standards Advisory Council. Version 5 included new metrics on interns, the sharing economy, and direct trade. Learn more about Version 5 of the B Impact Assessment.


Tech platform gets a tune-up

It should be hard to meet our standards, but not to take our assessment. The new B Impact Assessment platform is faster, friendlier, and easier to use — and it’s getting better all the time as we add new features. Learn about the development process and inspiration behind our new tool, or sign up for a new account to check it out yourself!