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Impact Investing Isn't Just For The Rich - We All Have A Part To Play

As one of my New Year’s resolutions, I’ve introduced my children to an excellent idea I heard once at an event on gender lens investing (which is, by the way, a whole other interesting angle I’ll come back to at another time!). Basically, the idea is that when your children get pocket money or Christmas money etc, instead of blowing it instantly on sweets/games/50 packets of Match Attax, they have to divide it up into four pots: one for spending, one for saving, one for investing, and one for giving away.

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Program Targets One Missing Link For Founders From Diverse Backgrounds: Friends And Family Money

“Many startups fund their earliest days with money from friends and family, as well as angels. But what if your friends and family are not wealthy—and, in fact, are more on the struggling side of the equation?” Village Capital hopes to have an answer to that with their new program, VC Pathways. The new endeavour looks to target organizations founded by African American, Latino, and female entrepreneurs that are not ready yet for their typical three month program, but have a promising prototype or pilot. The goal is to provide avenues to venture capital and industry knowledge to demographics who may not have those opportunities otherwise.

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