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Kickstarer Co-Founder Yancey Strickler to Keynote Generocity's Inaugural Conference

ADVANCE is the inaugural half-day conference — organized by Generocity and supported by Create X Change — dedicated to moving forward ideas, organizations and leaders that drive smarter impact. Professionals come to ADVANCE to make connections and leave with a clear call-to action on how to better serve the community. They’ll advance their careers, organizations and missions.

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Backstage Capital to Launch an Accelerator in Four Cities to Promote Underrepresented Founders

After launching a $36 million fund earlier this year to help support black female founders, Backstage Capital announced it was launching accelerators in four cities including Philadelphia, which served as location inspiration for the effort. "When Philadelphia is thinking about what it means to become a tech city, it’s not about 'how do we retrofit this Silicon Valley model, but more so how do we use technology to do what Philadelphia does best,' said Aniyia Williams of Tinsel and Black & Brown Founders, who was onstage with Hamilton."

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Sustainability Work Can Be as Diverse as Philly’s Residents: SustainPHL 2018

The third annual SustainPHL awards were hosted on August 16th, and highlighted a dais of speakers and awardees that were as diverse as the city it celebrates. The awards show from consulting company and blog Green Philly highlighted community impact leaders, social enterprises, civic orgs and nonprofits for their impactful sustainability efforts.

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