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Business For Good: Time For A Capitalist Reformation

Larry Fink challenges. Tucker Carlson rants. David Brooks moralizes. Others wonder Can American Capitalism Survive? They all correctly diagnose the problem—a broken economic system that is not meeting the needs of the vast majority of people and that has embedded incentives that make it designed to fail in the more perilous times ahead—but they all fail to see clearly how long we’ve had this problem, what is its root cause, and what is required for its solution.

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Win $50,000! Introducing the Jeremy Nowak Urban Innovation Award, to bring one urban solution to Philly

Are you ready to solve problems in Philadelphia? We are. That’s why we’re bringing urban thinkers from around the country to Philadelphia for our inaugural Ideas We Should Festival on November 30th—get your tickets here. And that’s why we’re thrilled to announce the Jeremy Nowak Urban Innovation Award, a $50,000 prize to launch one of those ideas in Philly.

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Event Recap & Podcast: An Evening with Author Anand Giridharadas and B Lab’s Jay Coen Gilbert

Is it enough for a business to try to do good? Or, should we also be demanding that businesses do no harm? At stake in the answer is the future of the American workforce—and, perhaps, America itself. This is the issue bestselling author Anand Giridharadas and B Lab’s co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert debated on Thursday night, at The Citizen’s sold-out event. If you weren’t there, you can listen to a recording of the discussion.

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