To all those seeking to make an impact, welcome.

By Richard Binswanger, TLG Group

We are working to make Philly a leading hub for the Impact Economy.

Doing so will be a vital part of strengthening the Philly region’s economy, while helping put a dent into our social and environmental issues. If you are not already in impact (and I am guessing you probably already are, even if you don’t know it yet), you are welcome to join us.


Deciding where you want to make your impact is up to you, we ask that you only be intentional, authentic, and transparent in your approach. And we are happy to explain what this means and help you through a process if that is what you want.

Building an impact economy that is the envy of the world sounds like a difficult proposition, doesn’t it?

It would be. Except for one thing. Actually more like many things.

There are already so many things happening here in Philly that we are already being called an Impact capital. And if we only call all of that out and let those involved proudly wear an ImpactPHL badge which simply proclaims that they are another example of Impact here in Philly, then others will see what Impact is and can claim their own versions of how they’re impactful and grab their own ImpactPHL badges.

Then, soon we might wonder if there is anyone among us who isn’t wearing one (sure they’ll be some) and many of us won’t rest on our laurels and will work to be even more impactful (and maybe even earn swag beyond a badge not that we know what that is going to be yet).

As I said, we are already have a big head start. For example, did you know that the B-Corp movement that has gotten thousands of companies across the globe to redefine themselves around stakeholder value, not just shareholder value is being led here in a small office in Paoli thanks to the Iikes of Bart Houlahan, Jay Coen Gilbert and Hardik Savalia.

Did you know that Chester County’s own Jason Ingle has cofounded an organization, The Impact, that has gotten some the world’s biggest investors to consider impact in every investment that they make. Did you know that Philly’s own, The Reinvestment Fund, is recognized as one of the most successful organizations in investing in Real Estate projects that have an Impact.

They consistently have delivered what they promised to their investors, even in 2008, when the market crashed and financial sector was close to complete ruin. Have you heard of Tatiana Garcia-Granados who founded the Common Market a distribution company delivering fresh and local food for the common good. How about Gabe Mandujano and Wash Cycle Laundry, a dry cleaning company whose mission is to provide living wage jobs and a chance for promotion and upward mobility to the “hard to employ” and environmental sustainability by picking up and delivering clothes via bicycle. Started here, they are profitable and have already set up shop in a number of other cities.

And did you know... well that’s enough for now, but suffice it to say I just scratched the surface with what I know. And I know there are many more impactful people, companies, projects doing Impact that I don’t know.

Are you one of those? Do you want to be? You can, you know. Our website can point you in lots of good directions and get you off to a great start, if you have not already done so.

And if you have, let us know what you are doing and let us share it, because the more Impact is shared, the more Impact is created.

So again Welcome to ImpactPHL. We are working to make Philly the leading hub for the Impact Economy. You are welcome to stay. We’ll give you an ImpactPHL badge.

Just let us know one thing...

What's your impact?